Google Tipped to Unveil New Chrome-book Pixel


Google Tipped to Unveil New Chrome-book Pixel:

According to Android Police Google is planning to launch the second generation of Chrome-book Pixel, first generation was released 2015 year and recently its sell in market are down. After 2015 till now Google doesn’t announce or releases anything about the new chrome-book Pixel, but now company announced the second generation of chrome-book will available soon in  market. For some time in 2016 rumors about Google that company working on chrome-book second generation. New second generation of Chrome-book was position with Apple MacBook and iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface as competitor and it will be start from price of $799.


Display of new product is 12.85 inches with 2560 x 1700 IPS resolution aspect ratio of 3:2, 4 GB of DDR RAM and internal hard disk of 32 GB and 1 TB of Google Drive Cloud, comes with the processor of Intel core i5 Ivy Bridge with panther point, Bluetooth and double band Wi-Fi with integrated antennas, with continuous use of 5 hour battery integrated with 59 Wh, 720 HD camera, full color power state indicator, stereo speakers, back-list keyboard, two ports for microphones.

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