Google searches on themes related to diversity grew by 30% in 2017


Google searches on themes related to diversity grew by 30% in 2017:

Two big giants Google and YouTube searches on diversity issues in Brazil this year, and the percentage is raised to 30%, according to BrandLab survey in Sap Paulo, both companies is focusing on the habits and insights which can inspire the brands strategy and also for advertising agencies.

Google BrandLab analyzed million of search data from Google and YouTube to judge the behavior of Brazilians when it comes to diversity.

According to the BrandLab survey, now we are seeking double as much for subjects related to the theme as in 2012. And the theme goes far beyond color and gender, because the search itself is also diverse, reflecting content on sexual, religious, cultural diversity, ethnic, social, and others. Researcher also crossed the search and YouTube data with geolocation information to jugdge easily that how Brazilian vary from interest when it come to diversity

In the state of São Paulo, netizens sought 30% more on LGBTQI + issues than the national average in 2016. In the state of Bahia, 60% more were sought on racism and Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo lead the search for feminism.

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