Google now shows alerts and updated information in emergencies


Google now shows alerts and updated information in emergencies:

Google is progressing day by day, and now it is released SOS alerts in map, you can use it through your map.
According to company it will tell and display about the updated disaster information near you, or where you want to go. This feature is made to help people to clarify the situation outside their houses, and make sure it is save than take ride to your destination.

Basically it will also help to Fire Rescue to check interval of time, in any inconvenience they will reach faster than someone calls them to come.How can you use it?
This feature will appear at the top of your map in the disaster time. Feature are intend to take data interval of time through news websites and any person check-in through, that the way it will tells to you. If you update your map than in upcoming disaster place Google will send you message in detail about that place.

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