Google launches Trips travel app in Brazil with Portuguese support


Google launches Trips travel app in Brazil with Portuguese support:

In recent week Google release the app of Trips travel in Brazil with Portuguese which support on iOS and android devices. This app will help people those don’t know, to where spent its vacations also useful for trips. This new app collect all the booking information in your Gmail account and make it in one place, so you can easily access to the information and also store data securely.

Despite this new app also have specific categories system to separate all of your information’s just like restaurants, bars, hotels and many others. In-fact this app is really good for trip maker and for tourist who has dream to see world around, this app will help them a lot, you didn’t need to remind all thing like hotel detail, taxi detail just download this app and enjoy your trip.

This new app also works offline mode, just download this app before you leave for trip, you can access map through this app with your information without mobile data. About 200 of the main cities Google provide these services in the world which include Barcelona, Mumbai and Copenhagen and many others.

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