Google launches portable camera Clips with Artificial Intelligence


Google launches portable camera Clips with Artificial Intelligence:

The yesterday was full with the releases, after the Hugh different line of release of Google product: company also launches new products, and in the event of US Google also released a portable camera which can be stuck in many different places in home, without any hand support. The new portable camera made by the company Mountains View will cost $ 250, it use AL (Artificial Intelligence) to capture the moments user may get hardly itself, like the smile of your children and also funny acts.

Justin Payne asked a question during launching event of Google product in US “how will you capture these fleeting moments while you also participate in them?”

Portable camera of Google can only record a video without any sound, when device is turn on you will see the LED lights which show that it is recording. It includes 8GB of internal storage for videos and picture, powerful battery of 3 hour non-stop usage. It has 12 MP of sensor with 130 degree lens; according to company user can exports the recordings to videos, photos and even GIFs files.  Device is compatible with only the same line of Smartphone which include Google Pixel and Pixel 12 plus with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and Samsung S7 and S8.

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