Google launches Pixelbook hybrid notebook for $ 1,000


Google launches Pixelbook hybrid notebook for $ 1,000:

Google announces too much on 4/10 yesterday, the day is full of announcement by the company about its new upcoming products in market, and during in US event of launching product Google launched Pixel-Book Hybrid Notebook for just $ 1000. This product is top line of chromebook, well its run Chrome OS but with cutting-edge configuration which include Intel 7th generation Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal SSD storage.

Comes with 12.3 inches of HD display with 3:2 aspect ratio which can turn tablet when turned upside down, stylus pen holder also in the package of new Notebook which called Pixel book pen but it will sell separately according to company with cost of $ 100.

It is expected that the cost of new notebook will reach p to $ 1,650 in US which may depend upon the setting of product; company will start selling in US on Oct 31.

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