Google Launches Certification Program for Mobile Web developers


Google Launches Certification Program for Mobile Web developers:

Google started new certification program for mobile web developers recently. This certification program can be done at home with comfort, though this you will be able to learn about mobile web development, this will also help to showcase your skills without any problem. This new program also holds for Android developers, data engineers and cloud architects.

Details about the Certification:

To apply for this program, you need to pass the test which will conduct by Google, in which your developer skills will be tested and this is open book test which will cost $99. Test will include coding program challenges with 10 minutes of exit interview; Google will test that how you solve a coding problem with also easy solution. Time limit for test is 4 hours and in which applicant have 3 re-attempt chance to complete test in case if applicant doesn’t clear in first attempt.

There are few topics that are covered by Google’s certification process which include:

  • basic website layout and styling,
  • progressive web apps,
  • performance optimization and caching,
  • Testing and debugging.

Despite this Google will also provide a guide before test.

Certification Advantages:

If applicant passes the test then he/she will be awarded with a digital badge which will display in their resume and social media profiles. According to Google the main idea to launch certification program is to provide a platform to developers, this will also help in job opportunities. For more information, go to this link.

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