Google Home Mini will compete with Amazon Echo Dot


Google Home Mini will compete with Amazon Echo Dot:

The company Google announces to launch a smaller version of its smart home speaker on yesterday 4/10. The product named as Home Mini speakers, according to company this product has a target of Amazons Echo Dot also with their dimensions. Google Home Mini comes with smaller size to adjust any where easily. In market its cost of $ 49 in US will arrive on Oct 19/10; basically we can define this product that it has a smaller size, cheaper rate and a less powerful version of Google Home standard.

According to company, as it size is smaller it is not for high power music listening but it is more compatible for one user to listen and also a handy and portable to Google Assistant in anywhere in your home. It can also be connected via wireless with any speaker that has built in chromecast feature. It will release in US on Oct 19/10, in Gray, Black and Red colors.

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