Google Chrome will block unwanted redirects


Google Chrome will block unwanted redirects:

This week Google announced a new feature of Chrome that protects a user from unwanted content which are on internet. The search bundle of novelties soon be released in the next few versions of Chrome browser in early of 2018 and will protect user form unwanted content and untrusted website and contents.

From now the launch of Chrome 64 which is in pre-beta Canary stage, in which redirect and third party ads will be barred and then let you remain on the same page which you are using, this has worked to save your PC form unwanted contents.

Among this, company also announced to release other changes with Chrome 65, in which bar a type of redirection in which when you click on the wanted link, and reason of ads you take to other sites, and according to company this is also a violation that why company think to control this serious shit, so user can easily search and go to their desire site.

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