Google buys HTC Smartphone creation area for $ 1.1 billion


Google buys HTC Smartphone creation area for $ 1.1 billion:

New from Google Company, it decided to buy another Android partner for longtime. From four year after selling Motorola to Lenovo, company decided to work with new Android partner HTC. Buying the whole HTC is worth heavy that’s why Google buy its brain.

Rick Osterloh Google hardware SPV and former president of Motorola said that “a talented team from HTC will join soon Google as part of hardware organization”. He also clarify that team is well enough and good with whom we are working on Pixel upcoming Smartphone line, we are excited to work together as one team.

Google receives non-exclusive rights to HTSs intellectual property include in deal. Deal doesn’t include the production skill of HTC.

The deal means that Google is taking their new hardware division and the whole “Made by Google” story very seriously. It also shows that the giant has learned some lessons from the purchase of Motorola. When company buys Motorola in early in 2011, it takes 2 year to reach at top to Moto X which is launched in 2013. And same scenario, company has to work hard to acquire the top of its new product partner with HTC.

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