Google is bringing video guides to maps


Google is bringing video guides to maps:

Google is regularly working on new feature that why we get updates in every week and this time Google makes a new feature which is called “video guiding maps”. This feature will able you to add video to place around your-self. This feature will be very helpful for non-visited your place and also helps in business and offices.

How it Works

First update your Google Maps on your smart-phone. Than tap on “Add a photo” option which will comes up, when you selected a place in Maps. Taking photo is good enough but video will make this feature good and help to everyone, long press on the shutter key makes video for 10 seconds upload instantly. User also takes a max video for 30 second with same process.

Limited to Local Guides

This new feature is available about two weeks ago, through email notification sent to every user now. Local guides get 7 points for each video that they upload as an incentive. According to researches Mountains view is planning to partner with businesses to boost them to upload videos. Through this service user can only gives an outside view of places.

Available on Google Maps now

This new feature is available in market; you just need to update your Google Maps. This feature is only for android now and will soon available for other platforms.

Note: You can use the feature only if you’re signed up as a Local Guide.

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