Google to announce new Pixel model on October 5


Google to announce new Pixel model on October 5:

Google announce the next and latest generation of its Pixel series smart phone, this news come from the Evan Blass and expected to be released in the month of Oct of 5.

The new generation of Pixel 2 device having Qualcomm snapdragon 836 of processor in it, this is the lasted of version of snapdragon used in the mobile or according to some news it is the improved version of snapdragon 835 which is used in many mobiles like Samsung galaxy series Note series and in Moto Z2 force. According to company, Google will repeats it strategy when it adobe when the old generation of Pixel series in past and it will announce on October of 4. According to Evan Bass in the next 5 to 10 year Google will be in the list of top selling mobile lists and it will be in top places to overcome Samsung and iPhone in Brazil.

In Brazil and South America Google will release its Pixel next generation with improved version of snapdragon 82, 836, and 835 in their new smart phones.


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