GM acquires startup developing sensors for cars without a driver


GM acquires startup developing sensors for cars without a driver:

In the field of future of cars autonomous cars, GM are seeking to make secure a captive space in the increasingly busy universe. Last year after the startup with Cruise Automation to endorse its new autonomy vehicle development division, according to them the maker of Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac brands recently announced plans to acquire another industry startup/Strobe. Well Strobe is specializing in the making of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and in vehicle it act like an eye of the vehicle.

According to the CEO of Cruise Mr. Kyle Vogt said that, the Strobe Company was able to reduce the single chip LiDAR sensor devices and the will also help to reduce the production costs by almost 100%. It will also help to accelerate the development of unleaded car for automakers. In startup data distance and speed data can check with only other sensor like radars for redundancy purpose. CEO posted on his wall of tweeter that “when they work together camera, LiDARS and RADARs which can complement to create a suite of fault-tolerant sensors which operate in ambient and also in light condition”,

Nowadays Cruise is running a standalone taxi service in San Francisco, which is just limited with its own employees not for public use.

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