Ford adopts HoloLens from Microsoft to design the design of new cars


Ford adopts HoloLens from Microsoft to design the design of new cars:

Recently new form Ford Vehicle Company has come that it adopted the Microsoft Augmented reality glasses, the Hololens technology will help designer to model the rapid changes in their vehicles. This will help designer to see the changes in their vehicle and also they need more practice with technology to apply 3D approach on their vehicle in future.

Company still uses the “palpable” models but with the arrival of HoloLen, employee’s doesn’t have to build all the minor changes and model them in clay, they are able with HoloLens to design it in 3D.

Microsoft has slowly focused HoloLens’ focus on the corporate market. Last year, it announced partnerships with NASA, Volvo, Audi and Volkswagen, which apply the technology in different projects, including using glasses for training purposes.

Company will host Window Mixed Reality launch event in San Francisco on 3 October, Seattle company has plan to release more apps and games for the accessory. Other company like Acer, Dell is building their own mixed reality glasses. From this market will generated $ 150 billion in 2020.

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