Five mental health disorders


Five mental health disorders


  Depression is very common and serious mentally illness         disease,that may show negative effect on you.

  Depression causes feeling sadness, loss of interest in activites once enjoyed, feeling down, crying , loss of death etc.

Depression is not a short time problem , it may continues till we don't start best treatment.

Panic attacks

Panic attack  begin sudden without any warning. It symptoms peaks usually within a minutes.

Panic attack symptoms including fear of loss of control and death,chest pain, Headche etc.

Panic attacks hard to manage , If we have panic attack symptoms, we must concern doctor as soon as possible.


Stress is feeling of physically tension or emotional tension. 

Its  can come from any thought, that make feel u fear or frausted or anger.

Its symptoms can be both physical or psychological.

Short time  stress can easily treated by long time stress sometimes effect on our health. 

Stress symptoms is fast breathing, high blood pressure, muscles strechness, suicidal thinking, digestive system work slow.




Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is category of mentally health disease. Anxiety is usually noraml and often healthy emotions  .

Its syptoms including fear, death or loss, nervousness, tension, fast heart beat and sweating, high blood pressure, restlesness, suicidal thinking , sleeping difficulties etc.

Anxiety disorder  urgently required medical intention can help a person for better treatment.


Phobia  is type of anxiety disorder. It causes sometimes irrational fear about situation, some living or dying creatures, place, bad experiences, past, death of love ones etc.

Its physically symptoms including loneliness, dizzy, hot and cold flushes, shortness of breath, sweating, chest pain etc.

 Its psychological symptoms fear of dying, fear of losing control, feeling out of touch with realities, extreme mood changes, confused thinking etc.

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