Five best Exercise for good health


Five Best Exercises for good health


Swimming  is the one of best exercise for mentally relaxation. It may also consider in healthy activity.  Due to swimming your heart rate up and stressed released from your body.

This type of exercise can burn your calories and your muscles strong.

Swimming is very best way to fit your body.   


Walk is good for health. Walking can help you to burn your calories and control your body weight.

Walking must 30 minutes in a day. It may save you from coronary heart disease about 19 to 20 percent.  

Walking can help to protect your  joints, knees and muscles strong. Walking may control diabetes.


Running is one of the best exercise for strong bones.  It may also improve cardiovascular fitness. 

Daily running help to maintain your body weight. It may also  burn calories.

It can also be consider in weight bearing exercise.

Running is very effective form of physical activity.



Pushups is one of the best and effective exercise for body weight.

This exercise perform by muscles.

It may also increase your upper  body strength.

It is very effective cardiovascular exercise that may support heart health and reduced stored body fats.

Pushup is very fast and effective exercise for building strength.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise increase the blood flow.

Kegel exercises provide the strenthens the pelivic muscles that may support the bladder.

Both men and women can beneficial for kegel exercise.

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