Facebook launches Messenger version for children under 12


Facebook launches Messenger version for children under 12:

Facebook recently announced on Monday last week on December 4, a special new version of its children’s messaging application which named Messenger Kids; you can search with this name to install from Google Play store. Basically this new app targets children ages 6 to 12 and is unique to the US for the time being. Facebook state that “There are no ads on Messenger Kids and your children’s information is not used for ads. The app has a free download and there are no in-app purchases”.

In US it’s a law under US federal law, A children under the age of 13 cannot join Facebook, Children do not have to have a social network account to use the new application.

Instead, parents and / or child caregivers will manage the Messenger Kids application from their own social network account, starting with the authentication required to create an in-app profile. With this, it is possible to control with which friends and family the child will speak for the software.

Messenger Kids is available in preview mode starting today, 4/12, in the US for iOS and Android devices. It should take a few weeks for the application to be generally available in that country.

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