Facebook launches in Brazil intelligent personal assistant of Messenger


Facebook launches in Brazil intelligent personal assistant of Messenger:

Recently Facebook as launch in Brazil its personal assistant that user’s artificial intelligence which offers user suggestions of contents and resource while in conversation. This feature named as M and after startup it includes:

– Send stickers: M suggest you to send sticker daily interaction like thank you and hello or bye.

– Share location: for example if you are driving and you say I am on way just coming, than M will suggest you to share your location.

– Create a poll: This this topic only for group conversation to create a poll about any topic.

Despite this M also suggest you to wish birthday to your friend, well according to company M feature based on machine learning techniques, in this feature more use to learn more about it.

Try it by just talk to a friend or group through IPA of Messenger and M can make a suggestion of one of the main actions. In case you didn’t want any suggestion you can also sets it through setting panel. In this year M launched first time also US, and it will coming to Brazil and will available for iOS and Android devices

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