With eye on record, Volks prepares its 1st electric race car


With eye on record, Volks prepares its 1st electric race car:

Volkswagen is known for cars, company recently this week company announced that it is focusing on to prepare an electric racing car for the first time in its own history. The car is being in under developed by the Motorsport division in Germany.

According to manufacturer’s, our  goal is to use the vehicle to break the time record in Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in upcoming year 2018, which well held in June in state of Colorado USA. VW Board Member Dr. Frank Welsch said that “The hill climb of Pikes Peak is one of the most renowned auto races in the world. It represents a huge challenge and is therefore perfect for proving the skills of new technologies”.

Tesla Model S makes record for a fully electric car in the race, which took almost 20km in 11 minutes and 48 seconds.

The German giant company will use the lessons learned from participating in the race in other electric vehicles that it will develop and market in the near future.

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