Elon Musk wants to use rockets to transport people anywhere on Earth


Elon Musk wants to use rockets to transport people anywhere on Earth:

Musk is making work with Tesla and SpaceX in the field of technology which helps in future. Now Musk also a big name in the making of electric standalone car with SaceX, company advanced the space race and also made a rocket which will use to transport people anywhere on earth and also on the other planet. You can see the animation video made by the spaceX that how rocket will transport people from earth to other planet from given link YouTube.

Despite this Musk also reveal about its new project which wide his vision for the making of future mobility. In the event of 68 edition of ICA which held in Adelaide, Musk spoke about it new rocket that it will travel with people with less than 1 hour anywhere from earth. And Musk made a trip in this rocket form New York to Shanghai in just 30 minutes. Musk also posted in his instagram post that “Travelling to most palce on earth would take only 30 minute anywhere less than 60”. This new rocket has capacity of 40 boots and 100 people at one time. Company also planning to increase revenue from launching satellites to BFR and the new vehicle also has capacity to carry cargo.

The new vehicle could be used to launch satellites, carry cargo to the International Space Station and even do lunar missions to create a base on the Moon. SpaceX’s current Falcon 9 fleet is used to do some of these things already, but Musk says eventually the company will return to the ITS or BFR to do all their space missions.

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