Elon Musk unveils space suit to be used on future NASA missions


Elon Musk unveils space suit to be used on future NASA missions:

Elon Musk working on many aspect of technology of futures, recently on Wednesday 23 Musk posted a picture of official suit of SpaceX in his Instagram account. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX state that, it is difficult to come up with a suit that is functional and elegant at the same time and it is testes to operate under vacuum pressure, it will come in few days.

Musk says on his Instagram picture with suit, said that is difficult to control and balance the suit with fully functionally and keeping it with astronauts elegant to perform under extreme conditions, it’s not the easiest task to complete but our team comes to complete challenges for their company.

It will used by astronauts after it’s fully test of its functions and suit reliability, after that astronauts will move in the company Dragon Capsule.

This new suit dosen’t prefer much to walk on space, but it prefer most to used it in capsule, according to news it will used by NASA astronauts and crew program when SpaceX starts launching people to the international space station.

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