Elon Musk shares first tunnel image made by Boring Company


Elon Musk shares first tunnel image made by Boring Company:

Elon Musk shared the first image of the tunnel. The tunnel is made by Elon new company named as “The Boring Company”. The tunnel, it is still under construction and located in the city of Los Angeles. In the earlier of this year Elon reveal his idea for the tunnels, you can see in the video below:

Concept has that tunnels used to locate electric sledges that would take cars from one end to another, this will also reduce the heavy traffic problems of the city. After the concept video this is the first picture from Elon musk.

Company has started the testing with new technology behind the Boring company at the spaceX headquarter in Calif. According to company, tunnel act like a fast highway, where electric platform used to shift the car from one end to another with the speed of 240 km/ h. according to proposal, 30 layer of tunnel will be created by the company.

Company starts making the tunnel after Elon receives the permission from US government to create a tunnel which link New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington. Musk says that after the completion the distance from New York to Washington will complete in just 29 minutes.

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