Elon Musk says Tesla already built half of the world’s largest battery


Elon Musk says Tesla already built half of the world’s largest battery:

Two months earlier Tesla announced to give the world largest lithium-ion battery, and now Tesla is been selected by the South Australian government to start its world largest battery in their country. CEO of Tesla said that we are in middle of the project to deliver the full project to the world. According to Australian media on CEO of Tesla “Elon Musk at a party announced to build the 129-MWh battery”.

This project has capacity to give power 50,000 homes, and it is progress in wind farm which is operated by France’s Neoen. Company wants to give power to South Australia because country suffers a lot from blackout in last summer months. The whole state was hit by storm series, and in Feb another storm comes because of high temperatures. This storm makes Australia government to thing about the alternative source of energy, in emergency case.

According to company the whole project cost $ 50 million, and company also promise to give the whole project complete in just 100 days. In press company said that “we will give this project in 100 day, people will think that how? But we as a team give this to you”.

South Australia gives permission to Telsa under an agreement that it will deliver battery within 100 days after the date of contract signed and if company fail to deliver project in time than it will five it for free. That Hugh responsibility on the company to deliver project on time, otherwise this will hurt company more. Company itself give themselves a tough time by agreeing on 100 day of project. Now just wait for time, and see what will happen in future.

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