Elon Musk buys X.com domain owned by PayPal


Elon Musk buys X.com domain owned by PayPal:


Behind Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk began first ventures on internet. Finally he is able to buy X.com domain from PayPal.

Domain has a great value for Musk. Company merged to transfer money service later that it becomes with a giant PayPal. Musk left company for disagreeing with board members in 2001.

A PayPal spokesman interviewed that company was very pleased to sell X,com to its original owner Elon Musk

He thanks to its stakes in Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity with net wroth of $ 15.3 billion. Now Musk can buy any thing you want with missing domains. X.com was not cheap even for the both parties that term of the deals. Musk did not say that he is intends to do with URL.

In his twitter account he writes that “Thankyou PayPal to buy again X.com. No plan but it has a great value for me”

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