Dubai starts standalone drone tests for future taxi service


Dubai starts standalone drone tests for future taxi service:

Recently Dubai offer a service of flying taxis, with the space of 2 seats and 18 propellers. On Monday 25 Volocopter as German drone company exhibit a flying test at ceremony which is organized from Dubai Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed.

It seems like Dubai want to be first country to introduce a flying taxi concept, and it seems that it will be available in coming day for local people too in Dubai. The new Flying taxi land and lift vertically with autonomous function.

According to company said after first test which was unmanned about five minutes “we expect that vehicle will able to offer flights up to half hour in coming day. The security system of taxi which includes batteries reserves, rotors and also with pair of parachutes in case of any emergency is equip in the vehicle”.

It will use by mobile app like Uber. The current model of flying taxi is based on GPS routes, also that company also wants to upgrade with computer vision and artificial intelligence, so vehicle can avoid obstacle in future and also avoid another flying taxi on way.

It is expected that the German company’s taxis will operate in Dubai commercially in the next five years.

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