Dell announces new Alien-ware PC with AMD Thread-ripper


Dell announces new Alien-ware PC with AMD Thread-Ripper:

Recently Dell announced to release ne Alien-ware PC with AMD Thread-ripper. We have well and bad news, bad news is that Alien-ware dell will close its deal with top line AMD chip in the end of the year.

And the good news is that giant PC market rivals such as HP and Lenovo. Smaller gaming manufacturers of gaming PCs will be able to build systems with Thread-ripper, and do-it-yourself creators will also have access to the CPU. If someone not wants to buy AMD chip alone than this is great deal for those to buy it before the end of the year, because it will closed at the end of the year.

AMD with Thread-ripper promises to bring best chips to give tough time to Intel top line CPUs like core i9  which is come with Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 chip have done with rival core i5 and i7 processor.

It also available in exclusive version of Area-51 PC with Thread-ripper, Alien-ware also have PC model with 12 cores Intel Sky-lake-X.

AMD spokes man said about this new deal that “The interest of all our partner manufacturers in opportunities with Ryzen has been strong, as was shown during Computer this year. Following this momentum, we are incredibly happy that Alien-ware is our initial partner with Ryzen Thread-ripper”

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