How to Cut an Onion without Crying


How to Cut an Onion without Crying

Reason of crying is the presence of sulfur in onion. Find out the way below to cut it without crying. And it is the simplest way of cutting onion without crying.

Freeze the Onion

Put onion is freezer for about 10 to 15 minutes. Freezer will control the sulfur process and inactive them by freezing. For this it will reduce irritation chemical release. After that cut it easily. And beware from the timing of leaving onion in fridge this will case order in your fridge.

Cut the Onion under Water

Cutting onion is water it works a lot. Take a large bowl and take onion in it, when cutting make sure about your hand that they will not accidently cut. The presence of sulfur will react to water and it will not cause your eyes to cry. Alternate method is to place your cutting board in sink and cut onion under running water this process will help you.

Use a Very Sharp Knife

The best way of cutting Onion is to take sharp knife which damage cells of onion walls. Because sharp knife will cut a clean cut on the wall on onion. This the simplest way to cut onion.

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