Crisis: WhatsApp coup fools users with fake job advertisement


Crisis: WhatsApp coup fools users with fake job advertisement:

Cybercrime are active in Brazil taking advantage of jobless people by making fake ads and tricks using name of Nestle and C & A through WhatsApp to make people fool. According to survey of PSAFE about 700,500 people already victim of this fake ads which comes in Social media WhatsAap which come with the salary of 2,000 reais.

Cybercrime uses the topic of jobless cries which Is in present in Brazil, many graduates and PHD holder remains jobless after completing their studies.

Criminals sent a fake message to user to fill registration form for Nestle and C & A Company; to do this victim has to provide some basic data. Criminal steals money in very different way by paid SMS service charges and to hack mobile phone to download fake apps which is not good for user mobile phones.

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