Coen Brothers to Produce New Special Series for Netflix


Coen Brothers to Produce New Special Series for Netflix:


News has come from Netflix on Wednesday of 9/8 that Ceon Brothers is to produce a new special series for Netflix. According to Netflix this new series will have a 6 episode of its first series and every story has different and new story. Coen brother have produce some good series which is Fargo, and they are hoping that it will also create craziness worldwide, because this is the first time that a series with different and new story in each of its episodes. Ceon Brother said in his interview that now time is too pernicious for every one because that why they are planning to launch this new idea, this will take less time to watch a complete full stories, and are promising that every story will have a different and unique mindset behind its production.

This new series named as “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”. It will be release in 2018 and it is produce and screen by also Coen Brothers. Coen Brother won 2008 oscar award for his series “Week is Not a time”.

This series act by Tim Blake Nelson actor who is already starts its carrier from Coen Brother other production, example “Hey my brother where are you”. And they are hoping it will also create history with its new mindset.

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