Cisco makes offer to buy BroadSoft for $ 1.7 billion


Cisco makes offer to buy BroadSoft for $ 1.7 billion:

Cisco Systems company announced on Monday, that company will acquire BroadSoft, a maker of unified communications software based on the cloud as part of its strategy to shift focus from its exclusive role in the production and sale of switches and routers for software and cloud services. The deal is done at the valued cost of $ 1.7 billion, which also includes company debt.

Company executive said that “Cisco offered to pay %55 per share for BraodSoft, which mean that it represent a 2% premium with company. The share of BroadSoft rose is 1.72% on Monday”.

According to company, company announcement comes after the new reported in Sunday 22, that companies were in talks, deal is expected to complete in the early of 2018. After the completion of deal the BroadSoft employees will be incorporated with Cisco’s technology group.

The BroadSoft companies according to this deal, will provide the service like software and services which enable mobile and landline, cable operators to give Cisco’s unified communications on their networks based on the internet Verizon and AT & T, which will resell the software’s to their customers.

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