China wants to build ‘flying’ Hyperloop capable of reaching 4,000 km / h


China wants to build ‘flying’ Hyper-loop capable of reaching 4,000 km / h:

China in planning to create a Flying train, idea inspired by Elon Musk flying electric taxi program and china will use technology which is similar to bullet trains. China is preparing it to achieve a speed of 4,000 km/h, this is the most speed by any Hyper-loop project the original Hyper-loop reach a speed of 1,200 km/h when it will ready.

This project is delivered to Chinese Corporation of Aerospace Science and Industry. This whole project is inspired by the vehicle which is proposed by the CEO of Tesla and SpcaeX, also it will use a technology which is similar to bullet train to reach a max speed but china hasn’t deliver to launch date of its new vehicle but said that there are 200 patents to operate it.

Hyper-loop was considered as a futuristic and unreal project in 2013 when Elon Musk gives a new idea about it. But now this idea is inspired by many companies and they plan to generate it in many different form of technologies just like Tesla launch New Hyper-loop and a flying car taxi project. As one of its Hyper-loop generate a speed of 308 km/h in 500 meter of tube in Nevada desert. Despite this team of German student has won the spaceX Hyper-loop pod competition, for the success of their prototype with the click of 324 km/h speed and now according to news Tesla a reached a new speed of 355 km/h in its new tests.

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