Brazilians can now watch live NBA games in Virtual Reality


Brazilians can now watch live NBA games in Virtual Reality:

Here’s good news for basketball lover, that from October 17 only Vivo customers will have feature to watch live basketball live in VR (virtual reality). To watch basketball live from VR user must have to sign in to NBA app premium package which is recently launched in Brazil in April from Vivo with partnership with NBA. This app cost 20 reais per month which also have NBA league pass, and also with all other 1,200 tournaments games access passes which will play in this season.

Matches that will play is 27 of total from which 1 will play in a week in VR. The subscriber of NBA can also watch the best moment of VR games. And the NBA app is now available for android user in Brazil only. And other country cannot enjoy with this feature to watch in VR.


The month of October is full of games play that will stream in VR, which can be play through official app of NBA and Vivo.

How it works

To watch live VR, user has to install another app NextVR app, available only for android users. And the main thing VR glasses which compatible with your Smartphone. Just login to app which is used from Vivo App.

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