Brazilians are among the top marathons on Netflix


Brazilians are among the top marathons on Netflix:

According to a company recent survey which conduct by streaming platform itself, Brazil is one of the 10 countries with do most series marathons on Netflix in the world. According to company Netflix said in its statement that,  about 8.4 million users of this service have watch already a full season of series within 24 hour after its launch, this watching phobia name as Binge watching and its practitioners of Binge Racers.

That number of watching series grew more than 20 times from 2013 in Brazil, According to company researches, the release year of the first major original Netflix series, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. To make comparison between year to year: in 2015 only 1 million did marathon of this type while the number jumped to 4 million in this present year.

Brazil in the Top 10:

Company declares, Brazil is ranked 10th in the ranking of the countries which do series marathons on Netflix. The only other Latin American country present in the Top 10 is Mexico, which appears in 7th place.

The most ‘marathoner’:

The marathon champion on Netflix was the newest season of Gilmore Girls, which produced by the Netflix company itself. Company completes the top 3 Fuller House and the Defenders, made in partnership with Marvel. Although very popular among fans, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things, appear only in the ninth and tenth position, respectively.

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