With Brazil on the rise, MediaTek grows and surpasses rival Qualcomm in AL


With Brazil on the rise, MediaTek grows and surpasses rival Qualcomm in AL:

MediaTek has releases the rival Qualcomm which will used in Smartphone’s in Latin in the half six months of America in 2017 according to the new from “0Asian company”. MediaTek are looking forward in the ranking in Latin America that why in the half of this year it reaches 40.8% of shares in Latin America and about which 32% grown in region during this segment.

Brazil up

According to Asian company Brazil is the main responsible for the advance of making in Latin America, because after this company came with great force and response in the market it growths about 75% in the half of this year 2017 and in which 30.2% of its market shares.

Accurate Bet

It is noticed that MediaTeks US and Latin American are combine to corporate the sales director “Russ Mestechkin”. In the last two year the most sold mobiles in Brazil are belongs to Samsung family which is Samsung Galaxy J2 prime.

Despite this many manufacturer of many company uses chips in their handsets, just like Motorola and LG which like to use in their sets Alcatel and Quantum.

Change of perception

To maintain good position is market in AL, Russ Meshechkin said that we have to set another goal that may change the prescription of people about MediaTek which is also known for cheap chip company. MediaTek chip are used in many Smartphone’s because of its cheap rate along with super fast processing speed.

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