Brazil Partner University comes to the country with 50 free technology training in Microsoft and in Portuguese


Microsoft has recently announced its training platform, BRAZIL PARTNER UNIVERSITY. Platform bring bundles of courses for the partners in Portuguese in one place.

The experts of Microsoft solutions offered 100% free content with several tools which needed to lead the world with mobility. Platform begins with a library of 50 training centers in the area of Azure, Window and dynamic 365, Office 365, and the new content every month wanted to be update.

Platform provides paid courses with modern Microsoft partner, also has a partnership of eClass, which

“Differentiate to Stand Out”, “Optimization of Operations”, “Customer Lifecycle” and “Modernization of Marketing and Sales”. At the end of the eClass course, the professional will receive.

According to the Juliana Tubino, (Director of Development and Business Partners at Microsoft Brazi) says that “with brazil partner university, we have widened the scope and range of training center in the country, we prepare them to help support us in the journey of digital transformation with our customers”.

Platform allows the interest in knowing the Microsoft technologies.

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