Bose prepares special ear protector to help you sleep better


Bose prepares special ear protector to help you sleep better:

Bose is well known company, for making audio manufacture, which recently announced this week to launch new ear wireless ear protector that will help user to sleep better even in noise.

The new wireless ear protector named as “sleep-buds”. It is still in the making phase, news has hit the market with good impression and manufacturer raised a $ 450,000 in a collective funding campaign and the goal is to touch 50 thousand dollars.

According to company, it comes with a styling case that protects user to sleep with comfortable, even in the noisy place, its recharges your battery and one time charge is enough for two nights sleep.

Despite this is also having a feature to wake you at time, so it is a complete unique package.

With promotional prices $ 150 to $ 185, this first truck sold in the collective financing campaign is scheduled for delivery in February 2018. The next lots will be released over the next year at the suggested price of $ 250.

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