Boeing to buy company developing autonomous technology for aircraft


Boeing to buy company developing autonomous technology for aircraft:

Boeing Company announced Thursday that company has purchased Aurora Flight Sciences, an aviation company which is developing autonomous technology to equip aircraft.

Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Boeing Engineering said that “The combined strength and innovation of our teams will foster the development of autonomy for our commercial and military systems”.

It is founded in 1989m and it is based on Virginia based company which count 30 stand alone test flights in recent year. Company signed a contract from US department to make stand alone aircraft which called lighting Strike and received a check of $89 million from this contract.  Aurora is in list of those few companies that want to develop a flying taxi in world.

Neither Boeing nor Aurora mentioned about the project of developing flying taxi with Uber in their statements. An Aurora representative said the company would continue to work with its existing partners and suppliers after the acquisition. Boeing make major aerospace company that has made major bets on vertical landing vehicles, just like last week Airbus has revealed that it is on track to start its first electric vehicle next year.

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