BMW prepares to launch wireless charger for electric vehicles


BMW prepares to launch wireless charger for electric vehicles:

Company BMW car maker is planning to launch a wireless battery charger for cars in year 2018. For this technology is essential a larger version of portable bases for recharging Smartphone. According to company, this new feature will initially be implementing only on hybrid model iPerformance cars. The technology presentation video BMW PRESENTATION VEDIO watches it through link, the driver will appear a lining it up on floor which seen through car screen a floor mounted charger, sensor of car will show your position, when you come under the charger the sensor turns to green which mean you are in position of wireless charging.

In short car communicates with charger to set the position of car, the time taken to full the battery of car will take three and half hour according to company BMW.

The automaker should become one of the first manufacturers to offer wireless vehicle loading. However, it has not yet revealed equipment values ​​and when the technology will reach other hybrid models.

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