Bitcoin shoots back up to $16,000, rallying more than 50% from Friday’s low


Bitcoin shoots back up to $16,000, rallying more than 50% from Friday’s low:

The digital currency Bitcoin in last year just backup with up to 50% from the last year Friday Low. according to Coinbase (the leading U.S. platform for trading major digital currencies)  Bitcoin briefly climbed more than 12.5 percent to above $16,100 on late Tuesday morning and it was trading near to amount of $15,700 in the afternoon.

Status said by Coinbase has been shown on the website at 1:24 p.m., ET, that “Due to high volume, we are experiencing a backlog of outgoing transactions for BTC and ETH. … Outgoing transactions of BTC and ETH may be delayed by several hours.”

The last Tuesday’s  of the last year bring some gains in the market value to bitcoin, And bitcoin has now recovered more than 50% from a low of $10,400hit Friday in an extremely volatile day of trading that had no immediately apparent explanation behind it.

The CME bitcoin has futures of expiring in January traded 10.75% higher Tuesday near $15,655, and the Cboe bitcoin futures gained 12.4% to $15,690 in afternoon trading. According to CME Ethereum traded 0.2% higher near near $767, down about 13% from its record high of $881.44 hit Thursday, according to CoinMarketCap. And according to Coinbase the bitcoin offshoot, bitcoin cash, traded 0.8% lower near $2,825.

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