Bill Gates reveals one of his great regrets: Ctrl + Alt + Del


Bill Gates reveals one of his great regrets: Ctrl + Alt + Del:

Every one almost known of Ctrl+ Alt+ Del function but didn’t know the history behind this. Bill Gates tells that if he goes back to time then he will make Ctrl+ Alt+ Del popular to set it one button feature. He also says that He blame IBM keyboard to set it in one button feature but they didn’t apply it.

During Bloomberg business Forum, He talks about the issues and shortcuts to access the task manager of a PC. He also blames IBM developer at that time. According to Bill Gates, we could have a single button but the developer who design keyboard didn’t want to give us in single button for this we also programmed it at low level maybe it was mistake.

When the shortcut was developed, an IBM engineer came to think of using Ctrl + Alt + Esc for the function. However, the feature could be dangerous due to the possibility of being activated accidentally with a single hand. With Delete rather than Esc, you need to be aware of what you are doing.

The command was initially used by IBM programmers themselves as they developed the system. They had no intention of making it known to the general public and eventually becoming one of the best-known operating systems at Microsoft.

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