Best ways to spend less time with your Smartphone


Best ways to spend less time with your Smartphone:

In a research about 8- plus of user are those who spent almost whole day with their smart-phone, if you are not agree with just download “Checky” Android app, this app will tell you how many time you check your smart-phone.

Psychologist Dr. Deepika Chopra said that there is a strong link between social media and the time spent on smart-phones.

Using too much social media or smart-phone will be costly for user relate to their health. Study shows that it steal your happiness and give stress, take away you from your future goals, makes you lazy.

Here are some tip which will help us to avoid the usage of smart-phone is our daily life’s.

1. Give Yourself Rewards for Spending Less Time on Your Phone

Self-reinforcement is use as a therapy to encourage yourself by giving reward to yourself, we mostly apply this on our children, if they done good job we give them a reward, just like that we have to apply this process in our-self.

2. Create a To-Do list For Yourself

Makes a To-Do list daily, just make yourself busy in works, like maintaining house, your gym, college works and many others. You just need a small piece of paper so you can write it your To-Do list. And also make a rule for yourself, that in the process of tasking you are not allowed to touch your phone until you done your all task.

3. Lose the Friends You Do Not Know

Unfriend all those people you donet know form all social media apps. About 80% of our time goes worthless by seeing new feeds form people we really don’t know who they are. This process also helps to decrease your time on phone.

4. Turn off Push Notifications

This is super simple form all above; just turn off all notification from your mobile phone also makes off Wi-Fi so you also not get a notification form social media apps. This will save your time, focus as well as your battery too.

5. Uninstall useless Apps

Uninstall those apps which is not in use, just like Facebook and twitter, I think we have no need to having it on our mobile phone, because it is total time taking machine just waste all your costly time. Just sets your mind cool and think what you really need in your smart phone. This will also help you a lot.

6. Get a Hobby

Get a hobby is the best think, because of this you also set your life goals for future and also this will reduce your focus from phone. For example if you have a hobby of designing, then you should learn about Photoshop and practice it for good results.

Now it’s your turn, if you want to stay away from your phone.

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