Best top five Inverter AC with features


There are many AC from many companies with different technologies come every season in the market. We are discuss here only top five AC with their features and specifications.

1 –Haier DC Inverter HSU-18SNi/012UDC(W)

Inverter AC

This is one of best quality AC come in the market in this season with latest technology and updated features. 

  • UPS Enabled AC
  • One Touch Cleaning
  • 46°C Full BTU

UPS Enabled AC

This AC is very good at UPS because of it takes less power even in high temperature. For efficient performance it wants continuous supply of electricity. Apply this product in this summer you can enjoy more. It will give you backup of more than 3 to 4 hours but this is depending on the health of your battery. Better the heath of your battery more performance you will get.

One Touch Cleaning

Haier get ease of life and bring auto or self-cleaning of your AC technology. This invertor AC have this technology. You just press of button then the system will auto clean their internal important parts that became dusty during your usage. This feature is very healthy for fresh air for you and your children.

46°C Full BTU

Haier Innovative Design and Technology provides you the best BTU. Full BTU even at 46°c hot outdoor ambient ensures full cooling capacity of the BTU rating mentioned on the product without any loss of cooling efficiency.


General Parameters




Fixed or inverter:

DC Inverter

Cooling Capacity(BTU):


Heating Capacity(BTU):


Power Input(W)-Cooling:


Power Input(W)-Heating:


Running Current(A)-Cooling:


Running Current(A)-Heating:


Power Supply(Ph/V/Hz):









hidden LED

Main Parts




Net Dimension&Weight


Indoor Dimension(mm) W/D/H:


Outdoor Dimension(mm) W/D/H:


Indoor Weight(kg):


Outdoor Weight(kg):


2- Dawlance Mega T3 Inverter

Mega T3 inverter is fully twin rotary system due to is high performance of compressor it works for 60 degrees and provide you non-stop cooling.  It will give you backup of more than 3 to 4 hours but this is depending on the health of your battery. Better the heath of your battery more performance you will get.


It is design for the capacity of 1.5 tons or more. It will make you summer like pleasant winter. It will cover the area of aprox 875 to 1,100 Sqft.

3- Kenwood – eTECH

This new inverter AC is name as EInverter Technology AC that is most blended of technology and latest approach of time.  This model is modern innovation and design to work in the heat and summer weather. This design will work in 4D air flow and long through with warranty of 5 years.

Features and specification 

5 Years Compressor Warranty 
• R410A gas 
• Heat and Cool Function 
• 4D Air Flow
• Long Distance Air throw
• Hidden LED Display
• IAuto restart 
• Easy self cleaning 
• Intelligent sleep mode 
• Anti fungus function 
• 150 Volt Compressor Start 
• I-Feel Function 

4-  1.5 Ton LG Plasma Split AC (KS-H1865EM3)

This is very smart and energy saving product all the time, LG Plasma Single Split Wall Mounted, 18K BTU, Heating & Cooling.

Features and specification 


Indoor Unit (WxHxD) (mm/inch) – 1080*314*182

Net Weight

Indoor Unit(kg/lbs) 12

5- Voltas Split AC 183 DZZ(R32) 1.5 Ton 3 Star

This product only available in the India. This product is locally design and manufactured. This is one of best model of Voltas company. 

183 DZZ(R32) High EER Rotary Ton 3 Star Split Air Conditioner with High Ambient Cooling.

Tonnage 1.5 Ton
Rated Cooling Capacity [W] 5150
Compressor Type High EER Rotary
Refrigerant Gas R-32
Power Supply [V/Hz/Ph] 230 / 50 / 1 Phase
Rated Power Input- Cooling [Watt] 1450
Rated Current- Cooling [Amps] 6.4
Condenser Coil Copper
Connecting Pipe [Type] Cu-Cu(12.5mm & 6.35mm)
Connecting Pipe Length [Metre] 3.0
Connecting Cable [Metre] 3.0

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