Banks and bitcoin bags will be the new targets of hackers


Banks and bitcoin bags will be the new targets of hackers:

In next year, it is expected that main focus of bank failures caused by cyber attacks (hackers) will not be the theft of money but they destruction of their IT infrastructure in the final stages of a hacking attack. In now days hacker are only targeting the Banks for cyber criminals. And that serious issue for the government to resolve as quickly as possible.

The Group-IB state entitled “Hi-Tech Crime Trends Report” shows recently. According to the research, destruction of  banks’ IT infrastructure, cyber criminals are trying to cover their tracks during when they thefts, while on other hand the goal of government-sponsored hackers is to wide damage to financial institutions and disrupt banking operations. Both cases, the damage reason  may be even larger  than the amount of money stolen.

Study reveals that hackers is now be able to successfully attack industrial facilities because they have enough knowledge that how to work  with the “logic” of critical infrastructure.

Group-IB noticed that hacker competence is increased along with its ability to impact critical infrastructures. That’s why, consultancy anticipates with  new large-scale incidents which targeting the industrial and central infrastructure.

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