Baidu works on portable translator that works as Wi-Fi point


Baidu works on portable translator that works as Wi-Fi point:

New came from Nikkei website that, Internet giant Baidu working on its new project of a portable translator to make easier for tourists in China, Japan and English language countries and initial it will support three languages Chinese, Japanese and English and would hit market in the last of 2018. Device translates for user to understand in their language, which I above mention that from Chinese, Japanese and English. For example a Chinese couple tourist is going in Canada for their honeymoon plans, for that they may suffer from the language concern, but with this device they will easily understand English by using the device, they may easily spent their honeymoon

It just like the Google translator but the difference is that, this device converts the language in to your in voice. This device has internet connection support, form company device isn’t get proper name and release that and also about the other language supports.

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