Audi giving German fans a ride in an autonomous A7


Audi giving German fans a ride in an autonomous A7:


Audi want a suggestion to improve more that why they want to experience people in Germany in autonomous A7.It is a prototype car named Jack on German Autobahn. Passenger give their suggestion after taking the ride, according to passenger about 90 % are fully satisfied with autonomous A7.

It is first fully prototype autonomous cars. Dr Bartels’s said that this technology will come in market bit-by-bit, with an addition of auto pilot also in situation if traffic jam and in motorway.

According to rules fully robotic system never let them fully negotiation in driving system. The best parts of all of this drive it give us a control to pass around town, back road throw where we want to go to our location and one day self-driving  cars will change  the driving enjoyments.

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