Apple and Microsoft corrects failure and – mail in iOS 11


Apple and Microsoft corrects failure and – mail in iOS 11:

According to Company Apple, has fixed the error of sending emails, which were unable to send messages. In iOS 11 email account host by Microsoft on Outlook, office 365 which run on exchange server 2016 which is running on window server 2016, which have been affected by the software bug.

Despite this some of mobile user of iOS 11 also getting error by sending emails message, just a message appear on screen from Microsoft: “Cannot send Mail” that mean message reject y the servers. The first error was noticed by iOS 11 user who gets error on creating a post subject on reddit site.

On September 19, company releases a backhand supporting document which claims that the bug, errors are fixed with Microsoft. Company also describes the problem in iOS failing to create HTTP/2 Transport Layer Security Connection. J. Gold Associate Analyst Jack Gold said that “as a user prospectus this is big problem, especially for those who totally relay on their Smartphone or those they have no any other mean of send messages despite their Smartphone”. According to Gold user must have to upgrade to new version as soon as they leave, because many people have been affected. Before doing up gradation user must have to verify their device that are compatible with iOS 11.0.1.

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