Apple confirms students working long hours at factory in China


Apple confirms students working long hours at factory in China:

From a long time a group of student who has been seen, that they are working overtime at Apple Chinese factory which is against violating local labor laws. Company itself state that it’s in company knowledge that a group of students from a long time working overtime in the company. Company state that “We confirmed that the students worked voluntarily, were compensated and received benefits, but they should not be allowed to work overtime.”

According to news, students work 11 hours a day in the factory, as an internship program at Factory known as Foxconn. That a good sign that group of student working overtime, because at the age from 17 to 19 they are not focused even for the internship, report form Financial Times. In past Foxconn and the Mountain View Company both were accused of being precarious work practice and Apple is focused on to control such issues by launching the annual reviews of the iPhones supply chain.

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