Apple co-founder, Wozniak launches online education platform


Apple co-founder, Wozniak launches online education platform:

Steve Woxniak the founder of Apple, recently announced about its new project, which is thw new online education platform known as Woz U (like Woz University) project has website and mobile app for use. Woz will provide an open courses on computer technology in Scottsdale, USA and Arizona first. Well price didn’t mention on site.

With online courses, it also provide the video tutoring courses with direct acces ot the instructors and teachers, so in case any problem you can contact to ask for help in any course. This project also provide other courses like interview training, resume enrollment assistance etc.

According to the statement of school writen on its officail webste said that “Inspired by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, we specialize in technology-based programs and careers designed to help people get into the workforce quickly and easily. Woz U wants to inspire the next generation of innovators and develop the workforce of the future”.

In upcoming year, Woz U will also have plan ot launch the physical spaces in different areas of world, and to offer technology related course worldwide.

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