Anhembi Morumbi University uses IBM Watson to serve students


Anhembi Morumbi University uses IBM Watson to serve students:

University named as Anhembi Morumbi releases new interactive service channel for their students that uses Watson, IBMs Artificial Intelligence (IA) platform. It is a giant AI system which is used to create an assistant for the Sou Anhembi app which is available on play stores and iOS devices.

This new interactive service in created with the partnership with Proa Tecnologia Criativa which is locked inside the iOS and Android apps, it allows student to ask their problems from any subjects such as absences, registration and grades.

According to University it will use continuously for the use of student, they are also making it advance by enabling the chatbot in it so that student can access direct through it, but now if someone not answer the problem than the system will sent problem direct to clerk.

University also tell that this service is available for students 24 hours a day and 7 day a week, so anytime student use it with no worries.

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