AMD bets on Ryzen 3’s competitive price and performance against Intel


AMD bets on Ryzen 3's competitive price and performance against Intel:

AMD launches last week a chip named as Ryzen 3, after the Ryzen 5 and 7. Company drop the prize comparatively to Intel core i3 rival, also a provide best performance to user compare to Intel, that the result AMD sell more chips compare to Intel with the rival of 28% in US market.

According to AMD their products are better in performance from Intel, like Ryzne threadripper is 17% to 29% give better performance compare to Core i3.

AMD new Ryzen 3 1200X  include with 3 cores and 3 threads with the cost of $109 in US Market, while Ryzen 3 1300X includes also 3 cores and 3 threads for better performance and costs of $ 129 in US market.
AMD promises to user that it will provide a better performance chip in future for gaming and office purposes. Manufacture also clams that AMD provide better speed compare to Intel core i3.

AMD vice president said that Ryzen 3 will reach significant volume in Computing and Graphics.

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